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This put up is going to be constrained to solely SQL Server Table Columns and solely Extended Properties named MS_Description. Quite a few years in the past I labored on a records catalog challenge the place we brought descriptions for many of the tables, views, and columns to the database the usage of prolonged homes named MS_Description. Let’s count on you have some of these for this put up preserving in idea that the Purview APIs grant so many features past what this put up covers and that the code right here may want to be modified to do so a lot greater as well.

Starting out I thinking it would be incredible to import the sensitivity classifications that SSMS creates. Pre-SQL 2019 these have been held in Extended Properties and now have their very personal DMV (sys.sensitivity_classifications). While this sounded extremely good in principle it wasn’t as thrilling when I wrote the code. This is due to the fact Azure Purview already has machine classifications at a greater granular scale for every of the ones you discover in SSMS and Purview additionally provides these as it executes a scan on the records source. It does a rather accurate job too. With that said, I shifted my center of attention to including descriptions instead.